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굿모임 주최자와 참여자의 만남! 오프라인과 온라인의 만남! 세미나와 각종 모임의 만남!

AMCHAM CEO Risks: Navigating through New Challenges Webinar

  • ※ 모임 개설자는 원활한 모임진행을 위하여, 모임 시작 30분 전까지 모임방을 개설해주시기 바랍니다.
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2021-01-22(금) 10:00 ~ 11:15
나우앤나우(굿모임) 웨비나  
반드시 아래의 링크를 클릭하여 신청해주시기 바랍니다.

주최 및 주관

주최 : 주한미국상공회의소

주관 : 주한미국상공회의소

개설자 정보

이름 : 주한미국상공회의소

전화번호 : 0262012255

이메일 : marketing@amchamkorea.org

300명 (현재 신청자수 0명)
~ 2021-01-21(목) 04:00 pm

모임 정보



Topic & Details

CEO Risks: Navigating through New Challenges.


CEO Risks: As we look forward to the start of a new year and return to a sense of normalcy in 2021, it is critical for senior executives, especially at multinational companies, to keep a close watch of legal developments in Korea that could not only increase their enterprise risks, but also result in personal liability. It goes without saying that being vigilant is paramount. Hear from the experts on what C-level executives need to know. Our presenters will cover the following important topics:

- Biggest overhaul of competition law in 40 years: what companies must know
- Recent changes to employment and labor union laws and how to deal with them
- Passage of the Severe Accident Corporate Punishment Act: potential consequences and ramifications



About the Speaker

Henry S. Shyn, Senior Foreign Attorney, Yoon & Yang LLC

Henry S. Shyn is a senior foreign attorney at Yoon & Yang LLC. After 9 years as General Counsel for General Electric Company, Korea office, he rejoined Yoon & Yang LLC in 2020. His main practice areas are general corporate matters, including corporate governance and compliance, foreign investment, inbound/outbound M&A, international dispute resolution, including arbitration before ICC, HKIAC, KCAB and AAA and litigation. With his extensive experience, he has represented clients in a number of major projects, and arbitrations involving complex issues and claims, in and outside of Korea.

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Chul Ho Kim, Partner, Yoon & Yang LLC

Chul Ho Kim is a partner at Yoon & Yang LLC, and his main practice area is antitrust law. He has handled many high profile cases and has provided legal advice to prominent multinational companies, such as Qualcomm, Nike, and Bosch. His clients include some of Korea’s most well-known companies, including SK, LS, POSCO, and E-land. Kim’s antitrust expertise covers all areas of the field, including cartels, abuse of dominance, unfair trade practices, and business combinations. He also has specialized knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical and communications fields. His clients have included MSD, Sanofi-aventis, Yuhan, LG Uplus, and DLive. Kim was a visiting scholar at the University of Washington, School of Law.

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Sung Uk Park, Senior Foreign Attorney, Yoon & Yang LLC

Sung Uk Park is a senior foreign attorney at Yoon & Yang LLC, and his main practice areas include corporate general, M&A and Entertainment·Sports.

As a member of the State Bar of New York, Mr.Park worked at the Hong Kong and New York offices of Allen & Overy, and Schulte Roth & Zabel. He also worked at Kim & Chang between 2012 and 2020.

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Edward Dhong, Senior Foreign Attorney, Yoon & Yang LLC

Edward Dhong is a senior foreign attorney at Yoon & Yang whose principal areas of practice are competition, labor & employment and corporate. Prior to joining Yoon & Yang, Edward spent 15 years at IBM as the Head of Corporate Legal Investigations for Asia Pacific, China and Japan and in various other roles.

Edward is a former President of the In-House Counsel Forum and currently serves as a Co-Chair of the Compliance & Ethics Committee at the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea.

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Keun Woo Lee, Attorney, Yoon & Yang LLC

Keun Woo Lee is a partner at Yoon &Yang LLC and his main practice areas consist of intellectual property protection, privacy protection, trade secrets protection, including e-commerce and other technology, media and telecommunication areas.

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Seong Hong, Attorney, Yoon & Yang LLC

Seong Hong is a partner at Yoon & Yang LLC and his main practice areas include personnel matters, labor relations, criminal trial proceedings, and corporate litigation. In particular, Hong has a professional hands-on experience with labor relations and accumulated experience while taking charge of several cases, including the relief cases of unfair dismissal and unfair labor practice, litigations for discharge and ordinary wages, counseling regarding the extension of retirement age and the management of temporary employees (including in-house subcontracting, illegal dispatch, Act on temporary employees and more), as well as counseling on enactment and amendment of the rules of employment and the collective agreements.

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